Council give green light for new 'Irish language hotel' in city centre

Fri, 30/03/2012 - 12:03 -- Editor

Derry City Council have given the green light to proposals for a new Irish language hotel in Derry city centre.

Council approved plans to transform Culturlann's old premises at 34 Great James Street into a 12-bedroom accommodation centre which will hopefully be ready for next year's Fleadh celebrations. It is hoped the hotel will bring the area one step closer to becoming a world-class urban Gaeltacht quarter.

"We are at the development stage and are now in the process of seeking funding for the project," says An Culturlann's Anne Marie Gallagher.

"We hope to be able to provide a place that people can come and have a truly amazing experience in Irish. We want this area to become Ceathru Gaeltachta - the Gaeltacht Quarter. It has massive tourism potential.

"Our scope really depends on funding. We may have a B&B type scenario or if we achieve more funding we will go down the road for a hotel. It certainly is a possibility. We can see the vision for the Gaeltacht Quarter. We will start small and grow as time goes on."