Alarm as staff shortages lead to operations being cancelled

Thu, 21/11/2019 - 17:26 -- Editor

SDLP Fermanagh and South Tyrone Westminster candidate, Cllr Adam Gannon, has expressed serious concern at the news that a number of hospital operations across the North have had to be suspended.  Cllr Gannon said: "the cancellation of any clinical appointment can cause significant undue stress for patients. When it’s an operation however, the anxiety caused to those awaiting treatment is clearly more acute. The reason for the cancellations are due to staff shortages which is the result of poor workforce planning. These cancellations will have a negative, knock on effect on hospital waiting times, which are already intolerably high." Cllr Gannon added: "Nobody would ever blame the incredible, passionate staff who are going above and beyond to care for patients, but clearly our health service is at breaking point. It requires urgent attention and investment to ensure the situation stops spiralling out of control, to the detriment of our patients." "I will be seeking a meeting with senior officials at the Western Health and Social Care Trust to see what preparatory measures are put in place, in the context of impending winter pressures, to ensure our patients do not continue to suffer."