Anderson challenges Orange Order over presence of BNP leader Griffin at Ulster Covenant event

Sun, 30/09/2012 - 13:02 -- Editor

Derry Sinn Fein MEP Martina Anderson has challenged the Orange Order over the presence of British National Party Leader Nick Griffin at the Covenant celebrations in Belfast yesterday.

Ms Anderson has called on the Orange Order who organised the Ulster Covenant Parade yesterday to explain the presence of MEP Nick Griffin and his BNP party in the events in Stormont Castle and for them to immediately disassociate themselves from his twitter comments after the event referring to nationalists as “Fenian Bastards”. His full tweet is pictured above.

Fellow MEP Martina Anderson said: “Much was being made in the media yesterday of the unity amongst unionist political parties at the Stormont event. What failed to get coverage was the presence of the BNP at the event in the grounds of Stormont.

“There are of course long established relationships between the facists of the BNP and sections of unionism. Yesterday the BNP were at the Stormont event recruiting new members. Presumably this was known by those organising the event but no moves were made to remove the BNP from the Stormont grounds.

“During the event Mr Griffin was Tweeting from Stormont and posting pictures of the event. When this was challenged on Twitter he responded to those objecting as “Fenian Bastards”.

“Let the Orange Order now come out publicly and explain the presence of the BNP at the event and if it was an oversight why they were not removed from Stormont during the proceedings and let them publicly disassociate themselves from Griffin’s twitter comments.”

The Orange Order have been contacted for comment. As yet they have not provided a statement.