Animal attacks provoke call for all-Ireland register of animal abusers

Sun, 23/06/2019 - 14:02 -- Editor

SDLP Group Leader on Mid Ulster Council Malachy Quinn is to propose that the British and Irish Governments establish an all-island register for animal abusers this week. 

Cllr Quinn said that in spite of robust legislation to punish offenders, that there was no central register of those convicted of animal cruelty offences which would prevent further animals being placed in their care. 

He said: “Over the last number of weeks, we’ve seen a number of high profile examples of how cruel and inhumane people can be to the animals placed in their care. The acid attack on a Staffordshire terrier in Newry and the admission by a man in Lurgan that he beat a puppy to death with a hammer are just two grotesque examples of how some animals have been treated. 

“Those responsible for these heinous crimes should face the full force of the law. Luckily we have a robust framework for punishing those found guilty of these offences. I am concerned, however, that we have no central register of those convicted of animal cruelty. That means that we could be left in a situation where animals are inadvertently rehomed to banned persons, increasing the risk of serial offending.

“We need to provide shelters and animal charities with every resource to tackle cruelty and abuse. Providing an all-island register of animal abusers would help identify individuals who have been banned from adopting new animals and prevent the kind of unimaginable suffering that some pets have been exposed to here.”