Artist Niamh McCann brings her heart and soul to Void Gallery

Sat, 22/10/2011 - 15:19 -- Editor

By Conor Burns

It takes confidence and courage to put pen or brush to paper, to mould something from you imagination, make it reality and release your work to the public. For Dublin artist Niamh McCann courage and confidence are in abundance, alongside talent and imagination.

An avid fan of mixing various types of media, Niamh - a lecturer in Galway -  focuses on obscure sculptures which represent her view on the world. Newswire caught up with the budding artist to find out about the significance of her 12 year journey. 

Niamh said: ‘The main focus of my work is to create sculptures. When beginning a piece of work, I like illustrating or painting a piece and then transforming it into something bigger. I always relate to the landscape around us because of the many possibilities you have. Using different materials with light helps me in creating an urban representation of the world around us.’ 

Overwhelmed by the anticipation of her upcoming exhibition, Niamh reveals her passion for art. 

Niamh said: ‘I was really like any other pupil studying art at school. I loved expressing myself in drawings and paintings but didn’t think of it much when considering my career. Eventually, teachers realised what I could do and pointed me in the right direction. After completing a degree in Cork, I moved to a London art college where my desire grew.’ 

Amazed by detail and creative integrity of her work, I couldn’t help but ask about Niamh’s inspiration. Her work is not only emotionally dynamic but surreal and it’s as if each piece has their own personality.  

Niamh said: ‘Bruce Naumann’s work is really influential as he uses a range of different materials. I guess he inspired me in using materials and natural objects around us to create fine art. The source of his material comes from architecture which is another element I admire. My main inspiration comes from Francis Alys, a Belgian artist and an architect. His work explores the importance of social and political issues which makes him individually unique.’ 

From successful painting to sculpture, it’s no question Niamh has owns mind-blowing collection of work, created with her intriguing outlook on life. She discusses her most popular piece of art work to date. 

Niamh said: ‘Everyone who I talk to seem really interested in one of my large wall paintings. The piece is a graphic interpretation of a painting at Swansea museum. To make the work stand out, I used a large variety of bright colours and I was pleased with the realism it established. There’s not one email I get where I don’t get asked to recreate work from previous pieces. 

‘Before putting clay to machine or brush to paper, I always think about the way I want my next piece to sell. Considering the reaction and expectations of the audience builds my confidence as I like working hard to give the fans what they want.’ 

With her exhibition opening on October 22, Niamh appreciates the Void Art gallery for giving her the opportunity to showcase her fine work. Travelling and working hard over the past several years, it’s no wonder this exhibition is the highlight of her career. 

Niamh said: ‘The experience is very rich. This is a well respected gallery and it develops programmes in a great way. Its high professionalism is amazing and to be somewhere with a good reputation is a wonderful chance for both me and other artists.’ 

From travelling to Buenos Aires to Argentina and back to Ireland, Niamh comments on her hopes and expectations for the future. 

Niamh said: ‘I would love to do video work and create a documentary focussing on my work. I would also love the opportunity to make costumes because it would be a really interesting form of media. Where most people would make their dreams of travelling a reality, I turn at the idea because I’ve done it. I hope to spend the next few months creating new work at my studio. I also have a lot of preparation to do for next year’s Solstice exhibition in Dublin and Meath.’ 

Join Niamh between October 25 and November 25 at the Void Gallery in Patrick Steet in celebration of her incredible, soul-defining art work.  

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