Bank of Ireland is new corporate partner of Derry Chamber

Tue, 23/04/2013 - 13:46 -- Editor

Bank of Ireland has been announced as corporate partner of Londonderry Chamber of Commerce and will partner the Derry-Londonderry Business Awards.

As well as becoming a new corporate partner of the Chamber, Bank of Ireland will also partner the Derry ~ Londonderry Business Awards, which acknowledge the talent and determination of businesses in the city.

Welcoming the new partnership, Londonderry Chamber of Commerce chief executive Sinead McLaughlin said: “Finance is one of the main challenges facing any business – not only obtaining it, but also using it wisely, and we are particularly delighted to receive their support.  These relationships are important as we seek to grow and develop the cities economy and the prosperity of our region.”

Sean Dolan of the Bank of Ireland said: “We are particularly pleased to be associated with such an active Chamber with both Sinead McLaughlin and Philip Gilliland at the helm of the organisation where there is a huge level of energy and enthusiasm being generated on an ongoing basis.

“In this special year as City of Culture, and with Derry getting that extra special focus and attention, Bank of Ireland wish to add their support to the work that is ongoing to make this a great year for this historic and vibrant city and region.”