Blaze on board Derry to Belfast express bus caused by fractured fuel pipe

Thu, 09/02/2012 - 15:57 -- Editor

A blaze on board the Derry to Belfast express two weeks ago was caused by a fractured fuel pipe.

Details of the fire, which happened in York Street as the bus neared Great Victoria Station, emerged after Derry MLA John Dallat tabled a question to the Transport Minister on the incident.

All the fuel pipes on similar buses have now been checked and cleared for safety.

The double decker bus with 20 passengers on board had to be evacuated after a fire was spotted at the back of the vehicle as it neared York Street. All passengers were taken off the double decker bus safely and no one was hurt in the incident. The blaze was brought under control by the Fire and Rescue Service who described the blaze as 'a fairly well developing fire' situated in the rear of the bus.

Speaking after receiving the answer to an Assembly Question which he tabled to the Transport Minister, SDLP MLA Mr Dallat said: ‘I welcome the fact that there has been a complete check on the fuel system pipes on these types of vehicles.  Obviously with thousands of people carried daily on buses there is a constant need to ensure that mechanical defects, particularly those involving fire, are made on a regular basis.

‘In this case no-one was injured and that is to be welcomed.  The driver carried out the evacuation in an efficient manner and has been rightly commended for this quick-thinking action.

‘Nevertheless, I do hope that Translink reviews its maintenance policies and that it will take into account the need for regular checks on fuel systems as a matter of routine and not simply in reaction to a fire on a bus which thankfully, in this instance, didn’t have a tragic ending.’