Build your own Android app or website at Seagate Summer School

Thu, 06/06/2019 - 12:49 -- Editor

If you are 12-15 and interested in learning to build an app or programme a robot, then the Seagate Summer School is perfect for you.

The school runs from 1-5 July and costs £20. Attendees will gain experience of developing a mobile app for Android, programming a LEGO MindStorms Robot to perform various tasks, and develop their own website using the latest tools and technology.

The course also includes an on-site visit to the Seagate plant to see computer memory and hard drives being made.

Expert advice is available at all times from staff, and participants will have full use of the facilities available in Magee's School of Computing Engineering and Intelligent Systems.

For further info ring 028 71675034 / 028 71 675485