Cancer charity would love to take those unwanted gifts

Fri, 03/01/2020 - 00:23 -- Editor

If you receive any unwanted Christmas gifts, or if you have clothes, ornaments, books and bric-a-brac, why not have a big clear-out after the festive holiday and donate them all to Cancer Focus Northern Ireland?

Cancer Focus NI has 13 shops across Northern Ireland and has been providing valuable services for cancer patients and their families for the last 50 years.

Your local Cancer Focus NI charity shop welcomes your donations with open arms. They are looking for quality clothing, accessories, books, soft furnishings, small electrical goods in working order, small pieces of furniture, toys and bric-a -brac. 

Debbie Tracey (centre), manager, Cancer Focus NI Derry shop, said: “Instead of leaving your unwanted gifts and bits and pieces gathering dust, the customers in our charity shop would be delighted to give them a new home.

“Our shop is really popular with thrifty shoppers and stylish people who love a vintage look, so we need to continually re-stock our shelves with desirable bargains. We offer a full range of goods at a fraction of their original price but we need continued support from the local community to help meet the high demand. So when you’re clearing out your wardrobe please consider donating to us,” she said.

“If you have never been to one of our charity shops, drop in today and you’ll discover a high street gem. Whether you’re looking for vintage chic, retro trends, smart tailoring or a special gift – they have everything you need for your must-have collection.”

All profits from the shops stay in Northern Ireland and help Cancer Focus NI fund a wide range of care services for local cancer patients and their families. These include counselling, family support, art therapy, a bra-fitting service for women who’ve had breast surgery and much more.

The charity organises stop smoking clinics, brings health checks to community venues and workplaces and has an extensive cancer prevention programme for schools and colleges.

Cancer Focus NI also funds research at Queen’s University Belfast and advocates for better health policy.

For more information on your local shop please call 028 9205 7002 or to find out where your nearest shop is visit

If you have concerns about cancer call the Cancer Focus NI Nurse Line on 0800 783 3339.