CCTV installed to counter dog fouling at primary school

Sat, 21/12/2019 - 10:21 -- Editor

SDLP Councillor Shauna Cusack has praised council officers proactive approach to dealing with a dog fouling issue outside the Model primary school with the immediate erection of cctv.

Cusack states ‘ it’s reassuring to have had the officers react so quickly to my request to try tackle this problem by installing CCTV at the hotspot. I know that there’s hardly a street which is not affected by fouling throughout City and District and sympathise with residents and those affected. However given there are only a few of these cameras and a lot of resources needed to monitor them, it’s a case of having to prioritise areas. Hopefully the public will understand that a school deserves the attention and other areas can be looked at going forward.There are also limitations with regards to where and how surveillance can be conducted.

"While this may help deter irresponsible owners allowing their dogs to stray and foul, realistically it will not eradicate the problem, it is a mindset which has to change and that is not easy. I would keep calling on the public to report and assist Environmental Health with any information they may have. Meanwhile I will be addressing the prospect of Council investing in more such cameras and resources to combat the problem. ‘