Chamber calls on Stormont to get its act together

Thu, 30/03/2017 - 05:12 -- Editor

It is essential that Northern Ireland’s political leaders get back to work to agree a common position on Brexit, says the Londonderry Chamber of Commerce.

Responding to the triggering of Article 50, the Chamber said that Brexit represents the biggest challenge to government in modern times, yet Northern Ireland at present has no government that can address this.

George Fleming, President of the Londonderry Chamber, said: “Scotland and Wales have strong national governments, which are working in the interests of their citizens.  Both administrations have made representations as to how they believe the UK government should recognise the special cases for those two nations.

“Northern Ireland is in an even more special position because of our geographical connections with the Republic of Ireland and our strong economic and social links with RoI.  It is imperative that a solution is reached that allows businesses to continue to operate cross-border, allows for the continuation of the Common Travel Area and that family and personal links that span the two jurisdictions can be maintained without hindrance.  Yet despite all those specific circumstances in Northern Ireland, we are the only devolved nation without a government and which is unable to put forward a case on behalf of its people.

“This situation is unacceptable and we urge politicians from all the parties to come together to form a new government and a common position on Brexit.  Failure to do so could impose severe penalties on Northern Ireland’s population and its economy.”