Clubs and groups in Derry urged to apply for 'free playground' scheme

Tue, 14/01/2014 - 17:31 -- Editor

SDLP councillor Shauna Cusack is encouraging people who work with children in the Derry area and who would you like to have a free, purpose designed and built playground for their group/club to apply to win today.

Ms Cusack said the winner will see the playground built in the first week of July 2014.

Ms Cusack said: “Cornerstone City Church is a local cross-community church which works with communities from all identities and all geographical areas across our city. Cornerstone has previously worked in the Top of the Hill, Rosemount and The Fountain to install playgrounds. To choose which organisation gets the playground, local constituted community groups and sports clubs are encouraged to fill in and submit a very short application form. 

“The process is easy. The form requires a bit of information about your group, why you want a playground, what space your group has for it to be built on and who would benefit from it. The process will be guided by a professional architect and the Cornerstone team who will be on hand to issue advice. 

“I have been informed the selection process will be undertaken by a panel of ‘judges’–and the judge’s decision will be final and  the process and decision is more about where there is most need and use for the playground.  Your group doesn’t need to have any existing or future connection to Cornerstone City Church unless you wish.”

Ms Cusack said the deadline for receipt of applications is 21st February and forms are available by e-mailing or (calling) (028) 7134 9339.”