Community assist in stopping 'death drivers' in Galliagh

Wed, 28/02/2018 - 16:07 -- Editor

<p><strong>SDLP Derry Councillor Brian Tierney has commended local people in Galliagh for their swift response after death drivers almost caused a serious crash in the Bloomfield Park area this afternoon.</strong></p><p>Cllr Tierney condemned those responsible and urged more people to come forward to help stop the issues facing our community.&nbsp;</p><p>He said: &ldquo;The death drivers who almost caused a serious crash in Bloomfield Park this afternoon were reckless, have no thought for our community and need to be caught.</p><p>&ldquo;It&rsquo;s through luck rather than design that we aren&rsquo;t looking at a serious incident involving a young child this afternoon.</p><p>&ldquo;I want to commend the community for their swift action. Thanks to those who came forward to report this incident while it was happening, we were able to get the car cleared from the area within a half hour.&nbsp;</p><p>&ldquo;This is the only way that we can tackle the serious anti-social behaviour that&rsquo;s blighting lives in this community. If more people come forward with information as quickly as we&rsquo;ve seen today, then we can take these people off the streets and give local people peace.</p><p>&ldquo;Again, I want to commend local people for their response and would encourage anyone else with information to come forward.&rdquo;</p>