Condemnation of 'appalling' attack on Hazelbank family

Tue, 30/07/2019 - 13:41 -- Editor

Cllr Shauna Cusack condemed the appalling arson attack at Barr's Lane last night which saw a family forced to escape their home through the back door.

Cusack states ‘ I was completely taken aback by the scene of destruction and devastation outside this family home. It was like a war zone and I was incredibly thankful but also shocked that no one was injured in this attack.

"Four family cars parked outside their home in Barr’s Lane were set alight at around midnight last night. The family were unable to escape and had to flee out the back assisted by neighbours.

"The quick reaction and response of the emergency services helped prevent the blaze from reaching the house and others in the row. A close cul de sac, all who live there are no doubt equally as shook up at this terrifying ordeal and the reason behind this reckless, mindless act is still unclear.

"This family will take a long time to recover from the shock and no doubt will feel its repercussions in the weeks and even months to come. I would appeal to anyone who has any information whatsoever to come forward as people with this mindset and disdain for not only the property but more so the lives of others, need to be caught. ‘