Council approves call to declare mental health emergency in Derry

Fri, 29/01/2021 - 14:07 -- Editor

Derry Aontú Cllr Emmet Doyle has expressed his pleasure that a motion declaring a mental health emergency in the City and district has been passed by Council. He said:“Last night fellow Councillors unanimously backed my call to declare a mental health emergency in this city and district.  I was glad to see helpful amendments from members to add to the motion and a universal determination that we can move forward and address the all too obvious problems. As part of my motion an All -Party Group will be established to respond to the draft ten year mental health strategy, and to monitor its implementation.  Furthermore, this motion is groundbreaking in that it mandates our a council to fight for every service in relation to mental health that we need, to be sited in the Council area.  Never again can we miss the opportunity to have services accessible locally as happened with the detox service which went to Omagh. This also means regardless of the makeup of any future Councils, this will be a corporate position that all Councillors can ensure is progressed and that long term planning to secure services is what underpins my commitment to better mental health for our people.”