Council fails to deliver on social housing scheme - Cusack

Thu, 08/10/2015 - 16:46 -- Editor

SDLP Derry Councillor Shauna Cusack has said that she is severely disappointed at the failure of the council’s planning committee to secure approval for a new social housing scheme.

The scheme was proposed for the Springtown Road just above Sheriffs Glen.

She said: “I have eagerly followed the progress with this development since the initial consultation in St Eithnes school last year. It was an exciting project which comprised 54 residential units including a mix of two, three and four bedroom homes and apartments. The development would also have had a children's play area which it was envisaged would welcome the surrounding community.

“I understand there were technical issues in planning, however I was sure that these could be overcome given the strong need for social housing in the area. Indeed some who voted against the plan did not attend the pre determination meeting with the applicant where any concerns could have been ironed out'

“All councillors should have seen fit to let the scheme progress. With recent figures from the NIHE confirming over 2000 people homeless in this area, we need to advance projects like this which received absolutely no opposition or objection from the local community.

“The result of this decision brings into question the ability of some committee members to approach non contentious applications with positivity and take brave decisions for the greater good of the people they serve.”