Council held special meeting to discuss Owen Mor care home

Wed, 02/10/2019 - 12:40 -- Editor

Council will discuss the crisis at Culmore's Owen Mor care home at 4pm tomorrow (03/10) in the Guildhall. People Before Profit Cllr Shaun Harkin said, "A special meeting of the full Derry and Strabane Council will be held tomorrow Thursday October 3rd at 4pm in the Guildhall to discuss the crisis at Owen Mor care home. A motion will be discussed calling for the council to oppose privatisation of all social care services, for an enquiry into failings at Owen Mor and for the Western Trust to ensure standards for residents and workers are upheld. We will hear directly from families and health care advocates.  People Before Profit will be supporting these demands but we'll be going further. The treatment of the Stewart family by the Owen Mor owners and board has been disgraceful. For speaking up on failings and organising public meetings the Stewart family have been demonised and their father Joe has been put out of his home. We cannot tolerate this. Workers have been mistreated and the trade union has faced tremendous hostility from the employer. There must be justice for the Stewart family.  The SDLP have questions to answer - they claim to be opposed to the privatisation of care but lobbied the Derry and Strabane Council on behalf of this employer and sang his praises. The regulatory regime of the RQIA and the Trust has systematically failed. We cannot have a situation allowing corners cut on standards of care, treatment of residents and the denial of fair terms and conditions for workers so millions can be made in profit. Stormont has created a system that's broken and that needs a radical overhaul to put residential care, workers rights and public accountability before the profits of millionaire owners and boards. We will fight for justice for residents, families and care workers. We encourage people to come to the Council meeting on Thursday to show their support for the Stewart family, all residents and families and for Owen Mor workers."