Council opposes further attempts to open asphalt plant near Muff

Thu, 15/04/2021 - 14:41 -- Editor

Angela Dobbins has had her proposal for an objection to an asphalt plant near Derry unanimously supported and approved by Council.

Here is her statement: "At today’s Environment and Regeneration meeting I was pleased to be unanimously supported on my proposal for council to submit to Donegal County Council an objection to the planning application for an asphalt plant planned on close proximity to the Derry Donegal border.

 I believe that this plant if permitted will have an adverse effect on N.Ire residents in particular within the Culmore area. I have asked that our officers seek information on the health impact and environmental impact regarding the  increased emissions due to a perspective increase of traffic used to delver the outsourced Agragate and the high volume usage of oil if this application were to be approved.

It is counterintuitive to promote oil usage when we are all very consistent with alternative sources of energy. The by- productivity of emissions and its impacts will indeed filter through to our city either by air or watercourse, even in the best case scenarios plants like these should have best practice and be environmentally friendly but the wind does not acknowledge borders.
Given our climate policies and environmental commitments we have a duty to our citizens to strongly voice our concerns."