Danny Kennedy moves forward with Accessible Transport Strategy

Fri, 30/05/2014 - 14:16 -- Editor

The Department for Regional Transport today published its second monitoring report on delivery of its Accessible Transport Strategy Action Plan. 

The report highlights the progress made between April 2013 and March 2014 on further reducing the barriers to transport which remain for people with disabilities and older people.

Measures taken during the second year of the Action Plan include:

· Publication of the Translink Access Guide which helps passengers to find out what accessibility features are available on trains and buses and at stations, when planning their journeys.

· New buildings were completed at Antrim bus and rail station and Portadown rail station, including features to make travel more accessible for older and disabled people.

· The launch of an Action Plan for Active Travel, assisting cycling and walking across Northern Ireland.

· DRD has improved access for disabled people in towns and cities by the provision of 7.14kilometres of new footway, the improvement of 90kilometres of existing footpaths and 22 new pedestrian crossings and delivery of 19 safe routes to school schemes. 

Transport Minister, Danny Kennedy said: “In 2013 /2014, there were over 200,000 journeys made by older people and people with disabilities on public transport across Northern Ireland.

“Removing barriers to travel will help older and disabled people to participate more fully in community life and to feel included in the activities that others are able to enjoy. 

“The Accessible Transport Strategy seeks to address these barriers to using the public transport system by older people and people with disabilities and I am pleased to see all the measures which have been progressed to date.”