DEL offers free Essential Skills training for World Book Day

Tue, 05/03/2013 - 13:33 -- Editor

Employment and Learning Minister Dr Stephen Farry has urged potential learners to open up a new chapter in their lives through Essential Skills.

The Minister was speaking ahead of World Book Day 2013, which celebrates books and reading across the globe and stressed the importance of good literacy skills and the incredible impact they have on the lives of individuals, whether in the home or in the workplace. Dr Farry paid tribute to the thousands of Essential Skills learners, many of them parents, who are learning new skills or brushing up on existing ones and, in the process, are better able to support their children’s educational achievement. 

The Minister said: “Books enrich our lives, allowing us to experience the joy of reading and reap the benefits that reading for pleasure has on educational success. It can also bring other rewards, such as paving the way into work or improving job prospects. 

“My Department provides free Essential Skills courses in literacy, numeracy and ICT and, to date, over 93,500 people in Northern Ireland have achieved qualifications, helping them to break through their barriers to gain the skills and confidence they need to progress in their careers and achieve their full potential.”

If you would like to sign up for free Essential Skills classes in literacy (or numeracy or ICT) why not contact your local college, or for Derry NWRC on 028 7127 6080, or visit for more information.