Derry author Felicity McCall launches new teenage novel

Sun, 12/02/2012 - 16:55 -- Editor

It was standing room only at Derry's Bedlam market on Thursday as local author Felicity McCall launched her new teenage novel - Large Mammals, Stick Insects and Other Social Misfits.

The Derry author brought along X Factor finalist Janet Devlin, pictured below with two young fans, who signed copies of the book for the hoards of teenage fans who turned up on the night to snap up Felicity's new work.

'Large Mammals, Stick Insects and Other Social Misfits' is described as a hilarious and honest depiction of life as a fifteen-year-old, when virtual friends sometimes seem more important than real ones.

Set in Derry during a Hallowe’en break. Aimée McCourt Logan’s cross-­border exchange partner Caoimhe is coming to visit. She’s bringing her gorgeous brother Darren with her. Meanwhile, Aimée is trying to keep her co-­best friends’ lives on track and she’s implementing a new health and beauty regime. Armed with her trusty stack of lists, a hot chocolate and the all-­powerful Facebook — and with a little hindrance from her cat, Rainbow – nothing is impossible.

"This was a departure for me," said Felicity. "It's the first time I have tackled teenage fiction and I really enjoyed it. When I first starting writing this six years ago my daughter was still a teenager herself. She gave me a lot of guidance. I tried to capture the mood, spirit and essence of being that age. It's really a sideways glance at the generation of peace in Derry.

"I feel I have struck the balance well - it's entertaining and light, but not fluffy. It captures a very special time in life and focuses on the issues of that age - self confidence, family, school, hopes and dreams, image, weight, self believe, pressure, change and friends."

Based in Derry and Donegal, Felicity McCall was a BBC journalist for twenty years during the Troubles. She is now a broadcaster, arts facilitator and actor. This is her 14 publication.

Her other work includes fiction, non-fiction, plays and a graphic novel and she has contributed to four anthologies. She is co-­founder and director of two theatre companies, she has had 12 plays staged and four screenplay credits. Awards include the Tyrone Guthrie for stage and screenplay and, most recently , the Best Heritage Project National Lottery Award for her play 'We Were Brothers'.