Derry City Council urged to adopt 'living wage'

Tue, 15/07/2014 - 15:29 -- Editor

Sinn Féin councillor Paul Fleming has called on Derry City Council to adopt the living wage.  Speaking after tabling a motion which will be debated at the next meeting of Derry City Council calling for a a living wage to be introduced, councillor Fleming said;  "People deserve to be paid a decent wage and introducing the living wage will ensure that the lowest-paid workers will enjoy a better quality of life. The minimum wage is £6.31 for people aged over 21 years-old and while it is very important that it is in place, it is a very basic salary which many people find hard to live on.  "We need to ensure that people get proper rewards for their work and the living wage of £7.65 would help lift people out of the working poor bracket. Not only would a living wage provide a better quality if life for low-paid workers, it would also boost the local economy. Paying workers a living wage would mean workers would have more money to spend in local businesses.  "A number of major international companies have already introduced the living wage for employees which sends a very clear message to the scaremongering from some in the business community who claim it is unaffordable. Providing workers with a living wage would also help prevent the emergence of a two-tier tier economy which punishes those on benefits and low pay."