Derry has highest percentage of unemployed in NI

Wed, 12/10/2011 - 09:54 -- Editor

Derry has topped the poll for unemployment in the north according to new figures released by the Department of Finance and Personnel.

Figures calculated by the Northern Ireland Statistics and Relations Agency revealed that claimant count rates for district council areas show that the highest rates of unemployment in September 2011 were Derry at 8.4%, Belfast at 7.2%, Limavady at 7.2% and Strabane at 7.2%. Those that showed the highest percentage increase in levels over the year to September 2011 were Ballymoney at 10.0%, North Down at 9.5% and Derry at 9.2%.

Unemployment in Northern Ireland as a whole has risen again this year, with young people finding it hardest to get jobs.

The number of benefit claimants signing across the north in September increased by 500 on the previous month. And across the UK, unemployment has now reached 2.57m – which according to officials is a 17-year high.

The new figures bring the total number out of work in Northern Ireland to 60,900, the highest level since September 1997.

The number of unemployed people, aged 18 to 24, is estimated at 18%, meaning almost one in five cannot find a job.

The overall unemployment rate in Northern Ireland is 7.6%.

In the last year, the number of people claiming unemployment benefit has risen by 3,000.