Derry to host 4th Radical Bookfair

Mon, 27/01/2020 - 08:39 -- Editor

This year marks the 4th annual Radical Bookfair in Derry which now forms part of the city’s political calendar at the Pilots Row Community Centre in the heart of the Bogside.

Organisers of the Derry Radical Bookfair will once again host the country’s largest selection of independent radical press, book sellers, publishers and distributors from across Ireland with a number of participants taking part from Scotland, England and Wales.

A spokesperson for the Derry Radical Bookfair said “We have seen many participants return time and time again to the Radical Bookfair after previous successful fairs held in the city. What we are proud of is having a large variety of political opinions as expressed though the many different forms of radical literature on display. Literature not normally found in mainstream bookshops and outlets. What we have is a healthy and expanding network of independent booksellers and publishers who have forged links and new important contacts which the Derry Radical Bookfair is a vital focal point as part of the political calendar.

“The Radical Bookfair has many different political views and radical traditions which makes up the lift of the city. We pride ourselves in creating a space for books of local, national and international interests including social and labour history as well as themes covering radical feminism, queer liberation, anarchism, marxism, republicanism and environmentalism. It is also a day in which a number of campaign groups have the opportunity to table stalls so as to highlight ongoing concerns such as human rights, environmental and social justice issues.

“This year we will be including a speakers corner which will host a number of talks and discussions from Anti-fascism to Anarchism throughout the day which will again add to the overall community spirit that the book fair has created at Pilots Row. For many the event ties in well with the week long events as part of the run up to the annual Bloody Sunday March for Justice.”