Derry mental health expert publishes landmark research paper

Fri, 02/04/2021 - 12:24 -- Editor

Local researcher Colette Ramsey, has recently co-published an international literature review paper which focused on how mental health services learn from patient suicides to ultimately prevent future suicides.

 In collaboration with fellow researchers Dr Karen Galway and Professor Gavin Davidson based at the Centre for Evidence and Social Innovation at Queen’s University Belfast, the paper “Implementing changes after patient suicides in mental health services” was published on March 24.

The paper is part of Colette’s PhD, to be submitted later this year, which looks at how mental health services in Northern Ireland implement recommendations made from reviews following patient suicides.

Ms. Ramsey commented: “Suicides by mental health patients account for just over a quarter of all suicides. After every patient death by suicide, a serious adverse incident review is carried out to identify recommendations which may assist in preventing future suicides. It is therefore important to identify the most effective methods for implementing these recommendations.
“The objective of our review was to identify how recommendations from Serious Adverse Incident (SAI) reviews can be effectively implemented to contribute to reducing deaths by suicide within mental health services.”

The literature found that there was significant focus on creating recommendations from SAI reviews following a suicide but a lesser focus on the implementation and evaluation of these recommendations, therefore questioning the effectiveness of these recommendations for future suicide prevention efforts.

The paper can be found by following this link: