Derry primary school forced to appeal to parents for funding

Mon, 10/06/2019 - 12:29 -- Editor

Lisnagelvin Primary have a funding crisis.

It has been decided that the school is to lose its Extended Schools Budget, which funds the school's Nurture Unit, a special class providing additional reading and maths support for the kids who need it most.

Principal Colin Torrens has been forced to write to parents to see if they can help financially.

Mr. Torrens writes:

"Dear Parent. I cannot stress enough the pressure our school is under financially. We are not alone ... The loss of our nurture unit will have a devastating on some of our most vulnerable children. I am therefore taking the unprecedented step of asking if there are any parents who have a business .... would be willing to sponsor or part sponsor the Nurture Unit for some or all of the incoming year ... Desperate times call for desperate measures."