Derry's transport hub for completion by Christmas

Sun, 15/11/2020 - 08:32 -- Editor

SDLP MLA Sinéad McLaughlin and councillor colleagues Martin Reilly and Sean Mooney have welcomed progress on Derry's Transport Hub and the expectation that work will be completed prior to Christmas. McLaughlin said: "Fast progress is being made on Derry's Transport Hub and the Department for Infrastructure is hopeful that work will be completed by Christmas. The opening of the Transport Hub will represent another stage in improving Derry's connectivity.  "The recent announcements by SDLP infrastructure minister Nichola Mallon of the feasibility studies of a fast through rail connection from Derry to Dublin, Cork and Limerick, as well as a half hour service to Belfast, demonstrates the commitment of my party to strengthening the rail network and to addressing the North West's infrastructure deficit that has existed for generations. "The regeneration of the old rail station is an example of how old buildings can be brought back to life. It is the trigger for wider regeneration of the Waterside and ensuring our city recognises the value and beauty of both its built heritage and its river. It is symbolic of how we can make progress by valuing our city's great past." Councillor Martin Reilly added: "The Transport Hub has struggled with many challenges, with Covid-19 being one of the most difficult. But we are now on the verge of completion, with the station and the bus inter-connections representing an important step forward in our transport infrastructure."