Discount deadline for rates payments now fast approaching

Thu, 25/04/2019 - 10:55 -- Editor

A 4% discount is available to domestic ratepayers if they pay their rate bill in full by Friday 10 May 2019.

The discount is available to ratepayers of occupied or vacant domestic properties. If Land & Property Services (LPS) receives payment in full in a single transaction by the discount day, ratepayers will receive a 4% discount.  

Pay online by debit or credit card to secure your discount. Ratepayers can also set up a single Direct Debit for full payment to avail of the discount. For further information on paying by Direct Debit, contact LPS on 0300 200 7801 or visit

For all other payment methods, ratepayers must allow a minimum of five working days for payment to reach LPS.

LPS encourages anyone having difficulty paying their rate bill to contact them as soon as possible by calling 0300 200 7801. LPS will explore options available to the ratepayer by reviewing their circumstances and may be able to put in place alternative payment arrangements.