Dobbins welcomes surface improvements on Culmore Road

Thu, 02/01/2020 - 14:50 -- Editor

SDLP Ballyarnett Representative, Councillor Angela Dobbins had welcomed plans by the Department of Infrastructure, for improvement to a section of the Culmore Rd from O Donovan Rd to the entrance of the Culmore Point Rd.

Cllr Dobbins said: “Whilst welcoming the planned works, I believe that this is not enough and that the whole of the Culmore Point Rd should have been included. This road has been the main thoroughfare for dozens of heavy construction vehicles on a daily basis travelling to and from the new country park and has been the only route of entrance and exit to various development sites, including a large housing development."

"The road is now in a dire state and I have made representation and requests, following numerous complaints from residents, to Transport NI."

The Ballyarnett Representative added: “While these works are being carried out the safety of pedestrians and other road users is paramount and I would urge commuters and residents to have patience during the expected twelve weeks of work and to be more than mindful of the children going to the three schools in the area.”