Doyle slams People Before Profit's opposition to pro-life protests

Mon, 26/04/2021 - 12:38 -- Editor

Aontú Derry Cllr Emmet Doyle has described a motion proposed by People Before Profit to deny pro-life protestors the right to protest as ‘an affront to Derry’s proud history of defending the people’s right to free speech and assembly’.

Cllr Doyle: “PBP Cllrs are proposing to deny the right of pro-life protestors to protest outside facilities where they believe abortions are taking place.  From a party that organise protests about everything under the sun, it is frankly disgusting but sadly not new.

This attitude of seeking to curb the rights of movements you dislike is straight out of the old Unionist Government handbook - it’s a modern day Special Powers provision which the people of Derry defied for generations in order to protect their rights.

To see it coming from any party in 2021 shows a worrying lack of awareness and a determination to silence dissent.

PBP would have very little to do if they did not engage in protests, and the fact they feel there can be one rule for them and another for others shows so all their talk of establishment parties, they have a an establishment mindset.

We will defend the rights of all to protest, even PBP.  It is not a right to be gambled with and we call on all parties in Council to see this motion for what it is - dangerous”