Epidemic of damp-related health issues in homes all over Derry

Fri, 31/01/2014 - 15:10 -- Editor

Large numbers of householders across the city are reporting health problems for themselves and their children due to dampness and mould in homes and flats.

SDLP Area Representative for the Moor, Emmet Doyle, has expressed his concern about the growing  number of residents from across the City who are reporting respiratory problems with children when living in cold and damp housing, both Social and private, and has called on the Housing Executive and private landlords to ensure that their properties are fit for children, and not to put every ‘damp’ problem that is reported down to condensation.  

Mr Doyle said: “This is not linked to one particular area, this is all over the city. I am genuinely quite concerned about the growing number of parents that are coming to me reporting that their child is experiencing respiratory problems and having to undertake courses of antibiotics due to damp or mould in their homes.  Whilst I accept that there are a proportion of cases where condensation is the cause of problems, I have dealt with a marked increase in cases where the properties, both housing executive and private rentals, have serious leaks, bad insulation and general maintenance problem that lead to damp and mould.

"It is totally unacceptable in this day and age that young children are experiencing health problems because of the state of their homes, it could be something out of the Dickensian era.  I have had calls from residents about wheezing, serious coughs and chest infections experienced by children as young as 2 years because of these treatable issues.

I am calling on the Housing Executive and private landlords in particular to address these problems sooner rather than later, we will not stand by and allow a child health problem as a result of housing problems in this City.”