Executive, not taxi drivers, should clarify curfew law - Doyle

Mon, 28/12/2020 - 16:04 -- Editor

Derry Aontú Cllr Emmet Doyle has criticised the PSNI and the Executive for ‘passing the buck’ on curfew regulations to taxi drivers to determine what are and aren’t essential journeys. Cllr Doyle said: “Yet again vague regulations by the Executive have left taxi drivers in the frame for police action after a number of taxi firms in Belfast were closed because of PSNI enforcement around essential journeys. "It is not the responsibility of taxi drivers to determine if customers will want to undertake non-essential journeys after the 8pm curfew.  Drivers have already been hammered by the pandemic and the lack of action from the Executive to support them and it is high time they took responsibility for regulations they have written and give the industry and the PSNI clear guidance as to what the law is, rather than leaving it to men and women who are trying to make an honest living.”