Farrell takes on First Minister's Office over Magee Expansion

Wed, 05/05/2021 - 09:58 -- Editor

Addressing last week’s Council meeting, the Ballyarnett representative said: “Yet again, I raise the issue of Magee expansion and the first ministers’ continued failure to respond or engage with this council on this matter.

“New Decade, New Approach stated that the Executive would bring forward expansion proposals and no proposals have been produced.

“We’ve written to the first ministers four times in the last year and they’ve just ignored our correspondence.”

Cllr Farrell continued: “And it's not just this council, Sinead McLaughlin MLA tabled a priority question to Arlene Foster and Michelle O’Neill asking why these four pieces of correspondence remain unanswered. 

“And guess what? They haven't answered that either. So I feel Sinead’s pain.”

Cllr Farrell concluded: “But the question remains, how are we going to get the first ministers to engage with this council to actually answer our correspondence.

“I had a form of words drafted that may help to focus minds in the Executive Office and to convey the importance of Magee expansion to this council.

“And then this week happened. So, I will hold fire until the DUP appoint a new first minister and some semblance of normality returns to the Executive Office.”