Firmus gas comes on line in upper Rosemount

Wed, 28/10/2015 - 12:52 -- Editor

SDLP Councillor Shauna Cusack has welcomed the completion of works undertaken by Firmus a number of weeks ago along the section of Park Avenue and Rosemount Avenue in order to lay main gas line.

“I have had a number of queries from residents of the area who were interested in knowing if the project was now complete and how they could get gas installed in their properties.

“I understand that these works have caused some inconvenience for motorists and residents lately, however Firmus have to be commended in getting this project completed with speed and minimal disruption in a conjested area.

“I have now been informed by engineers that the streets from Grafton Street to Mount Street are now ready for servicing. This will not only come as a welcome benefit to residents looking to change their heating source. Those renting properties in the area may want to contact their landlords to make them aware this option may be a consideration for them also.”