Focus of job creation must be our young skilled workforce - Doyle

Mon, 15/04/2019 - 11:15 -- Editor

Independent Nationalist candidate for the Moor, Emmet Doyle, has said the number one priority for the next Council term must be the creation, promotion and filling of jobs for young people in the City. He said: "One thing through all our city's history we have always been blessed with is a skilled and educated workforce - that is the same today.  Our young people are highly educated both at the North West Regional College, Magee and through apprenticeships but many are forced to leave due to lack of employment or are let with little option to enter jobs where their talents are not utilised. In the upcoming Council term, I want to see a specific focus from council officials and other agencies to attract properly remunerated posts to our city in a range of disciplines.  As a candidate I can't complain that young people do not come out to vote when it is obvious so little is being done to provide them with upskilling, work experience and properly paid jobs such as in IT and games development - we are capable and deserve much better."