Foyle Search and Rescue save a swan in difficulties

Fri, 25/01/2019 - 18:07 -- Editor

At 11:56hrs today Friday 25th of January members of our Emergency Response Teams were tasked with attempting to recover a Swan reported by a member of the Public as "not looking so good and possibly injured". FSR Volunteers responded to the scene directed by mobile units on land. After assesing the situation it was agreed the Swan appeared injured and was in need of treatment. Taking advise over the radio via base from Drumahoe Vetinary Clinic several unsuccessful attempts were made. As the Swan appeared to be tiring & with support from a FSR Jet ski now on scene, crew closed down on the Swan and were successful in getting it on board. The Swan was transferred to an awaiting FSR vehicle and transported to Drumahoe Vetinary Clinic where it remains in their care. As the Swan was rescued close to Aberfoyle Marker the FSR Crew involved have named the Swan "ABBY". The latest update we recieved is Abby is now settled and awaiting a proper assesment of her injuries.