Geeks, Nerds and Gamers Set To Invade Derry this weekend

Mon, 21/07/2014 - 13:21 -- Editor

The largest Gaming and Anime event in the North West in a decade is set to kick off this coming weekend (July 26th / 27th) at Magee.

MageeCore in association with the University of Ulster is set to break records bringing hundreds to the city for the largest event of its kind in years.

MageeCore though are keen to stress that the event is open to non-students and among those coming will be gamers, Japanese animation enthusiasts and fans of popular movies.

The convention will be offering freeplay, screenings, tournaments and demo learning games.

The Marketing Director for D.L.C., Colin Palin said: “We are very excited to be running D.L.C. and giving Derry an event where Gamers can socialise and meet likeminded people. Belfast already have two large events, Q-CON and the newly started Comic Con, so we feel its high time Derry gets its own! ”

D.LC. will host contests and events in many types of gaming. From the new XBOX ONE and PS4 consoles to old-school tabletop Boardgames and Roleplaying games. In 2014 D.L.C is an 18+ event,

Colin Palin spoke further on the subject: “This year D.LC. is an 18+ event though I am happy to say we are working closely with the University to open up the entire event to younger gamers. We hope over the coming year we will be able to bring even more of the community into D.L.C.”

D.L.C. kicks off at 10am on the 26th and 27th July with tickets available on the day. For more information on D.L.C. including event listings visit