Gunmen blame police for Creggan murder

Fri, 19/04/2019 - 13:13 -- Editor

Dissidents have expressed their 'sincerest sympathy' to the family and friends of Lyra McKee and blamed police for last night's shooting, which was a reaction to their heavily armed 'attack on Republicans' by coming into Creggan.

This statement was issued on the Junior McDaid House media page this morning.

“Last night, in the latest in a series of attacks, heavily armed Crown Forces were sent into Creggan to attack Republicans in advance of upcoming Easter Rising Commemorations. The purpose of this incursion has been confirmed this morning by PSNI/RUC Commander Mark Hamilton. As per usual, nothing was found and this incursion was utterly futile and pointless.

The Crown Forces have waged a campaign of oppression in Republican Derry, and the community has endured ongoing State Violence in the area, with deafening silence from the political establishment representatives in the area. Saoradh has not shied away from highlighting this, including attacks on our members. In doing so we have continually gave our analysis that this oppression would inevitably be met with resistance, as has historically been the case.

The inevitable reaction to such an incursion was resistance from the youth of Creggan. The blame for last night lies squarely at the feet of the British Crown Forces, who sought to grab headlines and engineered confrontation with the community.

During this attack on the community, a Republican Volunteer attempted to defend people from the PSNI/RUC. Tragically a young journalist covering the events, Lyra McKee, was killed accidentally while standing behind armed Crown Force personnel and armoured vehicles.

This outcome is heartbreaking and we extend our sincerest sympathy to the family, friends and loved ones of the deceased.”