Have you herd the one about the cow invasion of Ebrington?

Tue, 03/07/2012 - 18:40 -- Editor

NEWSWIRE got a sneak preview of all of the Council's 13 life-size cows, and five calf-size Mini Moos, today before they are scattered around the city for the summer.

The imitation bovines were all designed by local community groups and painted by artists from the city and certainly caused a stir when they were lined up outside Ebrington Stables this afternoon.

Maydown Senior's Group, designed by Dr Andrea Redmond, had their cow Ermintrude on display. Their cow was on an emigration theme.

The Gasyard Centre and Pilots Row Community Centre artists Catherine Duddy and Mary Kennedy painted their cow - The Shirt Factory Horn - in the style of the shirt factory.

New Mayor Kevin Campbell kept the cows in check as passersby took in the sight.

The North West Quilters Guild had their cow Clover Patch painted in the theme of industrial heritage and Something Special's cow Moonlinton was painted in a musical heritage theme.

The Undertones themselves were there to unveil their Uddertone cow, painted by Claire Heaney-McKee from Inside Art and Children in Crossfire's cow Awesome - based on peace and Richard Moore - was also on proud display.

There was even an Amelia Earhart cow, called Amelia, from the Greater Shantallow Community Arts project and Lumin Christi College fashioned a cow based on the Peace Bridge called 'Let's Mooooove Ahead Together'.

There were also a host of colourful and vibrant cows from the Cathedral Youth Club, Polish Abroad, Foyle Women's Information Network, the Playtrail, the Playhouse and the Commonwealth Youth Summit.

Derry City Council and ILEX, along with Belfast City Council, are the presenting partners for CowParade NI.

CowParade is the world’s largest public art event and has been to over 70 cities around the world. During summer 2012, life-size painted fibre glass cows will be displayed across Northern Ireland as part of CowParade NI, marking the first time CowParade has covered a whole region rather than one city. It is also the first time CowParade has visited a post-conflict region.