Hear the history of the City Walls while enjoying light show

Thu, 29/10/2015 - 10:58 -- Editor

This evening is the perfect opportunity to combine the ‘Awakening the Walls’ lighting event with a free historical tour of the City Walls staged by Friends of the Derry Walls and led by Walls expert Mark Lusby.

The theme of this year's Halloween Festival is 'Rise of the River Gods'  and the walk will focus on  the Architecture and Mythology of the Walls with their River God Sculpted Heads.

The talk and walk will start at 7.30pm in Number 1 St Columb's Court, one of Derry's earliest Georgian buildings within the City Walls.

From there guests will enjoy a conducted tour by Mark Lusby of the upper section of City Walls from Double Bastion to New Gate, discussing history, architecture, archaeology and folklore along the way.