Holywell Trust publishes interview series with opinion leaders

Mon, 13/01/2020 - 14:29 -- Editor

The resumption of the Assembly and Executive of Stormont is the basis for a reform of government in Northern Ireland and a change in the way our society operates.

Holywell Trust has conducted interviews with opinion leaders in Northern Ireland and the Republic asking how our society should change. Those 35 interviews were broadcast last year as podcasts. They have this week been published on the Holywell Trust website as written transcripts. (https://www.holywelltrust.com/forward-together). The original interviews can also be listened to there.

Interviewees include Robin Eames, Denis Bradley, Naomi Long, Mark Durkan and Clare Bailey. The interviews focus on four questions: how do we strengthen civic society; how do we create an integrated society; how do we address the legacy of the past; and how do we have the conversation about the constitutional status of Northern Ireland in ways that are not threatening. 

Gerard Deane, manager of the Holywell Trust, said: “These interviewees provide a range of ideas about how we can strengthen our society and strengthen the continuing process towards permanent peace. One of the most important contributions – made by several interviewees – was the observation that we are almost mid-way through what is probably a 50 year process towards the creation of a permanently peaceful society. This is a long haul. 

“With the resumption of government, we must make sure we learn from the past and deal with the challenges our society faces in an honest and open way. I hope these interviews contributes to this process. 

“We are very appreciative of those funding bodies that have enabled this important project to be realised – they include the Community Relations Council, the Executive Office’s Together: Building a United Community and Ireland’s Department of Foreign Affairs.”