Houses evacuated as police examine suspect car in Derry

Fri, 09/12/2011 - 18:47 -- Editor

A number of families have been evacuated from their homes in the Lonemoor Road this evening as police investigate a suspect car.

Several controlled explosions have been carried out on the vehicle which some residents say has been parked in the carpark at Nualamont Park for weeks.

A number of houses in Nualamont Park and Jacqueline Way were evacuated by police at 5pm as police moved in to examine the car. Some residents of Jaqueline Way have been allowed to return to their homes, but most of the area remains cordoned off.

Sinn Fein's Junior Minister Martina Anderson has been at the Gasyard Centre with the residents and, alongside the City Centre Initiative's Jim Roddy, is currently trying to secure hotel accommodation for those still not allowed back to their homes.

Speaking to Newswire from the scene Ms Anderson said: "As far as has been reported, the residents are saying that the car has been there for a couple of weeks. At 5 o'clock the residents were evacuated, some are elderly and others are families with young children. The Gasyard has opened up to provide shelter and some refreshments. At about 10 o'clock some of the residents got access back into their homes, others are with friends but not necessarily where they will be able to spend the night. I am working with Jim Roddy from City Centre Initiative to get hotel accommodation if required for a number of residents.

"They residents are all very upset with being forced out of their homes by the antics of some irresponsible people. Some had to evacuate their homes without getting the opportunity to gather their medications. As we approach midnight they are still out of their homes and are becoming more frustrated and angry."