Invest NI announces initiative to help NW companies tender for public sector work

Mon, 17/12/2012 - 12:23 -- Editor

InvestNI has confirmed new initiatives in the north-west to boost Derry's success in tendering for public sector work.

Under the InvestNI Business Opportunities Programme, a series of tender skills workshops will be held here in February.

These will lead up to the key event of the programme, a 'Meet the Buyer' event in March, where local business people can meet some of the key decision-makers on contracts awarded in the public sector.

The announcements follow publication of data from government showing that Derry companies had been successful in only 13% of applications for tenders for public sector work via the Department of Finance.

The news follows intensive lobbying of the InvestNI Chief Executive last month by SDLP Foyle MLA Pat Ramsay, who said:

“I am delighted to confirm that a 'Meet the Buyer' event will be held in Derry in March, where local businesses will be able to liaise with buyers from a range of sectors, to get an insight into procurement processes and make valuable contacts that may help to secure work and, above all, jobs for the future.

"Also, to complement the work to ensure local businesses can access and are successful in tendering processes, a number of tender skills workshops will be held in the City in February as part of InvestNI's Business Opportunities programme, aimed at supporting businesses in the Council area to exploit and capitalise on the opportunities for business brought about by City of Culture.

"Finally, and importantly, the Small Business Research Institute which helps government departments to connect with SME's to find innovative solutions to public sectors needs will be running a number of awareness workshops on this initiative early in the New Year, with the first of these secured for Derry."