Letterkenny 'Shoulder Surfer' rips off elderly man at ATM

Fri, 04/10/2019 - 17:59 -- Editor

A man who 'shoulder-surfed' people around Ireland and then stole from their ATM accounts has been arrested in a dramatic Garda swoop at Dublin Airport.

The man was arrested this week after being out of the country for six months.

Gardaí suspect all the crimes were committed in March and April of this year at various locations around the country.

Gardaí in Donegal were aware of at least one of the man's alleged victims in Letterkenny.

He said "In Letterkenny, the thief had watched an elderly man using his bank card and noted his PIN number. Some time later, he distracted the man and stole the card from his wallet. A very large sum of money was taken from the man's bank account and the suspect also used the card in a Letterkenny shop.”

Gardaí from Letterkenny interviewed the man and he was charged with the offences committed there in April.

In light of these events, gardaí are warning the public to take care when using bank cards.

"Please be careful when using your bank card in the shop or at the ATM and always cover the keypad when entering your PIN number," said a Garda spokesman.