Local artist ROE will play support to Marc Almond at Millennium Forum

Mon, 08/04/2019 - 15:45 -- Editor

Music lovers will be delighted to hear that local artist ROE will be supporting 80’s icon Marc Almond when he takes to the stage in the Millennium Forum to headline the City of Derry Jazz and Big Band Festival on Friday May 3rd.

It’s been a thrilling year for the talented teenager who is just fresh off the concert circuit with N. Ireland’s favourite musical export Snow Patrol, where she played to major arena audiences across the UK.

ROE’s quirky style will perfectly complement Almond’s unique brand of synthpop and electronica which made him a household name as frontman of Soft Cell. Roe – or Roisin Donald to her friends – is just about to embark on her Irish Tour before hitting the summer festival circuit. And the 19-year-old is thrilled to share a stage with one of the best known artists of the 80’s.

Speaking after receiving the news she said: “I’m so excited to be a part of the City of Derry Jazz Festival this year, especially supporting a legend like Marc Almond. To support someone so cool and for it be a local show is just the greatest.”