Local man rescues the rescue services after ambulance gets stuck in field during incident

Fri, 28/09/2012 - 15:10 -- Editor

A DERRY man has been hailed a hero after coming to the rescue of the rescue services when an ambulance got stuck on the way to help a patient.

An ambulance got stuck in muck on the way to treat a patient who had a broken leg in a field on the outskirts of Derry last night at around 7pm.

Keiran Doran, pictured above, from Ballymagroarty used his trusty Mitsubishi Shogun 4x4 to firstly ferry a paramedic to the scene, then tow the ambulance back out onto the road where it was able to take the patient to hospital.

"My neighbour, Stephen Barker, phoned me to tell a man had fallen in the fields between Allingham Close and the lane leading to Mc Doles garage on the Springtown Road," says Kieran.

"When I got there the Skoda Estate ambulance was stuck in the entrance to the field. The patient was down at the botton left corner of the field. I drove the Shogun down to the bottom of the field picking up a paramedic on my way. The man was in shock. The Ambulance Service called in the Fire Service. I brought the paramedic back to his car and with the help of Stephen and his friend we hooked the ambulance onto the back of the Shogun and pulled it out vack onto the road

"I drove back round to Allingham Close at the very top of Ballymagroarty and kept the lights on full beam until the Fire Service and the ambalance crew got the man safely stretchered away into the ambalance

"The Ambulance Service and the Fire Brigade are real heros. I was just glad I could help."

A spokesperson for the Northern Ireland Ambulance Service (NIAS) confirmed the incident.

"NIAS received an emergency call at 6.59pm reporting an injured person in the Ballymagrorty area of Derry City," said a spokesperson.
"A Rapid Response Vehicle (RRV) was immediately dispatched and arrived on scene at 7.07pm. An Accident & Emergency Ambulance was also dispatched and arrived 7.09pm.  
"During the call the RRV became stuck in a field while attempting to drive the vehicle as close to the location of the casualty as possible.  
"This incident did not in any way delay the treatment of the patient nor did it delay transporting the patient to hospital and the RRV which was required to be towed out of the field was able to continue to respond to other emergency calls."