Man refused to wear his clothing and smeared his cell with faeces

Wed, 30/04/2014 - 17:51 -- Editor

A naked man was brought to the Magistrate's Court in Derry this morning (30/04) charged with smearing his faeces on the walls, ceilings, bunks and cameras of 3 cells in Strand Road Police Station.

Rodney Bonnes, 29, from the Simon Community at Melrose Terrace in the Waterside, was arrested yesterday afternoon for urinating in public.

The defendant also spat blood into the face of an arresting officer.

When a mask was put over his mouth he ate it and while in custody he smeared his faeces over three police cells.

She said the defendant also took off his clothes and refused to put them back on saying: "I want to appear in court before District Judge Barney Malcolm in a soiled state."

Bonnes then put on his clothes to enter the court.

When he was asked by his solicitor if he wished to purge his contempt, the defendant replied: "Are you serious?"

The District Judge remanded the defendant in custody until 22 May and also jailed him for 28 days for contempt.

As he was led from the dock Bonnes said: "Great, free B and B."