Millennium Forum goes loopy with Specsavers

Fri, 23/02/2018 - 12:00 -- Editor

The Millennium Forum is delighted to announce a new business sponsorship partnership with Specsavers Derry/Londonderry. 

Specsavers is now the new Access Partner of the Millennium Forum and their support will enable the Millennium Forum to develop their already successful Access Initiatives. This partnership will allow the Forum to purchase a portable hearing enhancement loop system for its Studio theatre which can also be used in other break out rooms, meeting rooms etc.

Sponsorship Officer Cara Mc Cartney said: “As a registered charity, the Millennium Forum is very grateful for the support of local business.  The new Access Partnership with Specsavers is a perfect fit with Specsavers core values and fits well with both our customers’ bases. The sponsorship will create further opportunities for staff engagement and training in access initiatives for both parties. As the premier arts venue in the Northwest, we continue to lead the way in accessibility and look forward to ensuring our building is also fully accessible for customers with a hearing impairment.”  

Lisa Heaney Box Office & Access Manager added: “We are delighted to have Specsavers as our new Access Support sponsor.    The Millennium Forum is a forward thinking proactive organisation and this new initiate will ensure we achieve our aim of being accessible for all. A representative from their local store will also be appointed to be a member of our Access Working Group.

Dabheid McHugh, Director of Specsavers, Ferryquay St, said: “The Millennium Forum is trusted and well renowned locally. It has a special place in the minds of, and the affections of the people of the North West. It is therefore an ideal organisation for us to align ourselves with.  When people see Specsavers, they see the clever ads and the big brand. What a lot of people are not aware of is that Specsavers are franchises and are owned by people who live in the City. Our Sponsorship of the Forum and the Access initiative is our way giving back to and getting more involved with our community. The Access Initiative is such a great and worthwhile project as it makes it easier for groups with disabilities to enjoy the Arts.”

For more information on the Millennium Forum’s Access initiatives, contact Lisa Heaney on 71 272779 or email .  For details on business partnerships with the Millennium Forum, contact Cara McCartney on 71 272785 or email