Nadine Coyle tells of near-death from carbon monoxide poisoning

Thu, 29/10/2015 - 15:56 -- Editor

Derry singer Nadine Coyle has told tv interviewers how she came close to death from carbon monoxide poisoning in her home in California.

Speaking this morning on UTV’s ‘Good Morning Britain’ programme, she said the events relate to a period when she was living in a rented home in 2010.

For weeks Nadine and her family felt ill and were unable to sleep or think clearly.

She described how, as the symptoms worsened, she was at times forgetting words and was unable to string a sentence together.

They thought they'd been hit by flu but in fact were suffering from deadly carbon monoxide poisoning, caused by a cracked central heating boiler.

It was only after Nadine called out an engineer that the problem was spotted. Nadine and her mother only escaped death from what's called 'the silent killer' because the house was so well ventilated.