New funding for three groups in Derry, says Angela Dobbins

Wed, 31/01/2018 - 07:09 -- Editor

SDLP Cllr Angela Dobbins has welcomed the Peace IV Funding awarded to several groups throughout the city and North West.

She added: “Congratulations to Steelstown ‘Brian Ogs’ GAC, Galliagh Rainbow Child and Family Centre and Greater Shantallow Community Art in their successful application for funding in the Peace IV awards.

A huge congratulations to Steelstown ‘Brian Ogs’ GAC at being awarded a substantial amount for their cross-community / cross-border multi sport ‘Intergrated Sport Initiative’ for over 180 6-14 yrs GAA players. Their tireless efforts in promoting GAA sports as a sport for all has certainly been rewarded. This funding will certainly go a long way to ‘Brian Ogs’ achieving this goal.

Galliagh Rainbow Child & family Centre secured much needed funding for the development in relationships through workshops and outings. This funding will enhance the already acclaimed projects embarked upon by this centre.

Well done also to Greater Shantallow Community Arts on  receiving funding for a performance based project –“Don’t shoot my wain..Shoot me” an innovative idea stimulating debate regarding this issue.

And finally well done to all those groups who have attained funding throughout the North West and I would hope it helps them to succeed in their projects however great or small.”